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Date:2010-11-05 21:16

Is anyone still here?

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Date:2007-09-11 20:38
Subject:Bionic Woman

I just watched the trailer for the Bionic Woman. Wow. Reasons this show looks like it was made for me:

- About a cyborg. A female cyborg. My people!
- And she's not the only woman on the show. 4 out of the 7 cast members on the website are women.
- One of those women is my love, STARBUCK!!!! From Battlestar Galactica.
- And the BSG produces made the show.

Oh yeah!

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Date:2007-02-08 10:44

Remember when I was on my university's radio station last quarter during their segment on the internets?

The show is national!

I sound like such a smarty-pants.

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Date:2006-11-28 11:10

Too much Battlestar Galactica and Final Fantasy XII broke our TV. Does anyone in Bellingham have an extra they'd like to loan me once the snow melts and it's safe to walk down the street carrying a television?

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Date:2006-10-15 21:54
Subject:Fatal Frame 2

Does anyone have a copy of Fatal Frame 2 I can borrow to play with briallen?

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Date:2006-08-31 09:19

Tuesday night, I went over to my friend Lisa's house for a sandwich dinner. (Lisa is one of my friends from my bike trip, she lived in the dorms with me last year, too.) We made plans to go on a 50 mile bike ride the following day (yesterday) with her friend from work, Kate.

The bike ride only ended up being 35 miles, but we had an amazing time. We road down Chuckanut Drive and plopped down in a field in the Skait Valley (with a view of the water and the hills we'd just rode from!) to have a picnic. We scarfed some bread w/ Tofutti cream cheese and avocados, and we also had my homemade granola with cashew butter and bananas. I love biking picnics.

We wandered inland and east, coming up along Lake Samish, where I'd never ridden. Beautiful ride, late summer trees hanging over the road and all and no cars so the three of us could take up both lanes riding side by side.

I got a ton of invites to do stuff today, so I decided to leave for camping early tomorrow 'cause it sounds like my parents are just getting to Lincoln Rock tonight and eating dinner and going to bed. So today I'm going on another bike ride with Lisa and some of her friends, then going to a potluck at Natanya's house (she's one of Lisa's friends, also riding with us today). Then Chance and I are hanging out after the potluck. Yay!

I made these reallllly good maple bran muffins today. Only problem is they didn't hold together, so I'm gonna throw 'em in a ziplock and take them as biking snacks. If I don't eat them first. Now I need to find someone else to make to take to the potluck. Maybe a chickpea dish, 'cause I have all the stuff for it. Except I suck at making Indian food (except naan bread, which I rock at... now there's a possibility!).

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Date:2006-08-30 08:04
Subject:Alaska and Ecotourism

This may be a bit of an odd request, but I'm spontaneously going to Alaska next month to visit family (Fairbanks and Anchorage are the main destinations) and would like to do a little research about the place before I go. The critical li'l activist I am, I'd like to read up on more of the people's history of the state. You know, stuff that will rile up this feminist anti-racist when she reads about the oppression of First Nations and the environmental destruction going on up there. Anyone have any suggested readings or anecdotes they'd like to share for me? (I'd also like to know what are some must-sees!)

Cross-posted on feminist_101.

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Date:2006-08-11 19:23
Mood: geeky

Anyone who can read Japanese want to translate this song title for me? It's a remix of my favorite video game music song, Harvest from Final Fantasy V. To my delight, it's also on the FF12 soundtrack... the first remix I've heard (besides the prelude and the ending credits song and two versions of the chocobo song), and I'm on song 67 / 100.

Whoa, I did a whole of nothing today. And read. And wrote a few thousand words. And went to the bank. Really, that was it. Oh, and I made a really good veggie burger for dinner. Costco brand patty (best kind you can buy at a store) on a sprouted wheat bun with vegan mayo and veggie and loads of ketchup and pickles. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but still rather yummy. I ate light 'cause I am supposed to see Zeke later tonight for some dessert, but he was supposed to call a while ago and still no peep.

Aaaand there's his call. Yay! I'm going over there in 30 minutes.

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Date:2006-07-27 14:28
Mood: rejuvenated

The potluck was fun! It was on Lake Whatcom at a park I hadn't been to before whose name I've already forgotten, but it was on Electric Ave between Alabama and Lakeway. I liked it, nice swimming area and uncrowded. Will be back there for swimming, I think, and it was a nice easy bikeride.

I have cookies leftover, if anyone wants some. In fact, I don't have any weekend plans until Saturday night (I'm going to the Big Big Small Small party at Quinn's) and Sunday when I'm hanging out with Hayley and making a spelt-flour peetzah.

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Date:2006-07-26 22:26
Mood: rejuvenated

I'm hosting the next issue of the Feminist SF Carnival on my blog on August 3rd. I haven't decided on a theme for the issue. I was thinking origins with posts that could be on anything from reflecting on how your feminism and geekiness came to intersect, tracing the origins of women in SF, or reflections on some of the old school canons in comparison to what's coming out now. I like all those for post topics, but I feel the overarching theme is kind of cliche.

The other topic I was thinking of was binaries and pluralism, but I'm worried that's too academic and nobody really knows what it means (heck, I don't even know if I understand pluralism beyond the definition).

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Date:2006-07-26 13:44
Subject:Very Serious Business

I have a very important choice to make today.

What am I going to bring to my anthropology potluck tomorrow? I must show off my good cooking skills!!!!!!!!!

I'm reviewing my Facebook food albums to aid in my decision making. Anyone have any nominations? I'm thinking the "fucking awesome" chocolate cake I made Erin for her birthday, focaccia bread, or a berry crisp made with the blueberries I picked last weekend and the blackberries/raspberries growing outside my window.

giraffepat, I especially wish to consult you before I make this very important life altering decision.

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Date:2006-06-03 11:15

Hey Bellinghamsters,

My friend Morgan's summer housing just fell through and he's moving out of the dorms at the end of this week. Anyone looking for a last minute guy to sublet your room? I told him I'd ask around for him.

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Date:2006-06-03 11:15
Subject:Submitting Stuff

Does anyone know a good listing of places that publish undergrad papers? Specifically on the traffic of virtual bodies in MMORPGs. I'm kind of new to this grown up world and am trying to figure out how to get my academic stuff out there.

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Date:2006-05-28 10:33

Would anyone be interested in having some vegan potlucks over the summer, perhaps at Boulevard?

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Date:2006-05-13 22:49


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Date:2006-05-10 09:20
Subject:Tofutti Cuties

I'm going to be selling Tofutti Cuties today at 11:30 on Vendor's Row. I'll be out there for a few hours... come support Warn and see me in my sexy rainbow vegan belt!

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Date:2006-04-27 21:09
Subject:Take Back the Night

I just went to Take Back the Night. It was awesome.

I never got around to posting about Sunday, but last weekend was AWESOME. Giraffe Pat's friend Danielle and her friend Sara came up and I hung out with them. On Sunday, we went splunking in the bat caves! I never knew I had such a passion for caves. Pictures are on Facebook.

What are some other cool caves?

I think I'm going to make my LJ friends only, so if you're lurking get an LJ account and friend me!

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Date:2006-04-20 14:09
Subject:Pet Peeves

I hate it when I'm not the teacher's pet. I don't know what to do with myself! I think that a B+ is a failure and want not to give up writing because I suck! (Not really.)

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Date:2006-04-16 11:36
Mood: happy

In my cybernetic fiction class, we're writing short analytical essays each week on our readings, about 750 to 1000 words. I went a little overboard last week and was super paranoid about doing a good job, but it paid off because the prof just E-mailed me feedback with all praise. (I'll see if she gives me any critiques when she hands back a tangible copy on Monday.)

I love teachers that make me feel like the work I do actually has a purpose and is done well, like I can accomplish anything. I hadn't really felt that way about my relationship with learning until last quarter when I took cyborg anthropology, and my prof really encouraged me and was excited about the work I was doing. (She is great at this! Others have felt this way about her too.) This happened the same time I received so much positive feedback to my blog. I realized I am smart, that there are new things in the world I can come up with. So I want to stay in academia. I want to be a prof like those I look up to. Dr. Wetzel. I just wish I would have realized this sooner so I could have made myself more appealing to graduate schools.

Heh! I'm so cheesy and sappy today. But sometimes I want to spread my curb-skipping, heel-kicking happiness.

Also, I want to go to the Undoing Institutional Racism Workshop. Anyone else going to sign up? It's free. More info behind the cut, including date and time.

Undoing Institutional Racism WorkshopCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-12 21:41
Mood: awake

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be up here this weekend. My mom and her sisters are going camping Saturday night and I'd LOVE to go but I don't think I want to make the drive. Easter is at my grandma's and you know what kind of food grandma's like to make. Sometimes she is right on with vegan stuff, like she got me some hummus recently, but I feel bad because there are so many vegan things I don't avoid for health reasons like refined suga and potatos (they mess up my blood sugar) or hydrogenated oils (aaah that stuff scares me).

I got over eight hours of sleep last night for the first time in like a week (despite a phone call waking me up at midnight). That felt soooo good. My body is in wake-up-between-8-and-9 mode right now, so I just went to be early.

The Labyrinth release party is tonight! Tai chi gets out at 6:05 and the party starts at 7 so I'm going to be pressed for time. I am in charge of getting flowers, so I'll probably pick them up and drop them off this morning. I hope that someone is at the Women's Center that early because it's going to be awkward caring around 3 bouquets and taking them to class!

Does anyone know a good, free FTP program for Mac? All the ones I used before have expired.

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